This former Salvation Army building on Chester Street in Glens Falls will be the new home of Dr. Dimitri Koumanis’ plastic surgery practice, as well as four apartments


A doctor with an office in Saratoga Springs plans to move his practice to Glens Falls. He will renovate a Chester Street building for his offices and add apartments.

Dr. Dimitri Koumanis, a plastic surgeon, said it only made sense to move his practice to
Glens Falls, a location he had originally sought out before opening his practice in Saratoga.

Koumanis said the bulk of both his patients and employees live closer to Glens Falls, in
places like Queensbury and Fort Ann. About 70 percent of his business is in the Glens Fall
area, he noted. “We have really grown in this [Glens Falls] area with referrals from existing patients. It’s
simply a better location for everyone,” said Koumanis.

He was able to purchase the old Salvation Army building on 13-15 Chester St. in Glens Falls.
The building will house his offices on the first floor and will have four upscale apartments
on the second and third floors sometime in the near future. “We are looking to have the apartments
ready this summer,” said Koumanis.

The Glens Falls Industrial Development board approved a 10-year tax abatement for the project. Work was expected to start in the second week of February.

The full value of improvements would be exempt from property taxes for the first five years, and 50 percent of the value of improvements would be exempt for the next five years, according to the agreement with IDA.
Koumanis would continue to pay taxes on the current value of the building, which was tax exempt when owned by the Salvation Army. Koumanis will receive a sales tax exemption on building materials and supplies.

The building is rich in history and Koumanis said the community was very receptive in his ability to renovate it. In 1915, it served as Glens Falls Academy, a charter school and then later was part of Skidmore College during the 1930s.

Koumanis said the reaction from both patients and the community has been supportive. He said no real changes have been made to his medical practice. The location puts him close to Glens Falls hospital, where he
performs most of his services.

All seven of his employees were able to make the move, so even when the practice moves, the staff will remain the same. “We are still here performing cancer patient reconstructive surgery, hand surgeries and
cosmetic. The things that we have always done,” said Koumanis.

Photo by Todd Bissonette –