What is it?
A Brazilian butt lift procedure will enhance the contour and shape of your butt as desired. If you are unhappy with the shape or look of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift will help you achieve a more tight and toned appearance. Using your own fat from other areas of your body, by liposuction of the abdomen, hips and/or thighs, a surgeon will enhance the size and shape of the buttocks by injecting that fat back into your backside. Since the surgery uses the patients own fat, it is the most natural way to augment your buttocks. Candidates usually have a flat backside and/or sagging, asymmetrical, small or disproportionate buttocks. Brazilian butt lift techniques vary from surgeon to surgeon, yet most procedures involve a fat extraction with liposuction, processing of the fat, and reinjection of the fat into the buttock area. With proper injections, the fat transfer should be long lasting and most people recover in a week or two.
Average cost: $4,000 – $6,500

The procedure:
Step one – The initial consultation and physical exam to customize your procedure.
Step two – General anesthesia or intravenous sedation.
Step three – Fat extraction by liposuction of the abdomen, hips and/or thighs. During fat
extraction, the buttock is first contoured by liposuction to reshape the backside.
Step four – Fat processing and purification. About 25% of fat cells qualify for re-injection.
Step five – Re-injection of fat into the buttocks at different areas and different depths to
achieve the most toned and smooth finish.
Step four – Closely follow at home recovery instructions to ensure optimal results.