Breast lift surgery, also called mastopexy is used for drooping or sagging breasts (“ptosis” in medical terms). Drooping or saggy breasts usually occurs with advanced age, after breast-feeding and pregnancies. Women usually come to our practice seeking an improvement in the way their breasts look and feel.

Who is a good candidate?
All healthy women are candidates for breast lift surgery if they have sagging ptotic breasts. The following situations are seen frequently in women who desire breast lift surgery:

  • sagging breasts after significant weight loss
  • lifting of the breasts after aging, post-pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • repositioning of nipples that have dropped to give a more perky appearance

Do you sometimes combine other procedures with breast lift surgery?
Yes, sometimes breast augmentation with an implant is needed if significant volume has been lost and need to be regained at the same procedure as a breast lift. Additionally, some women desire mommy makeover procedures which can combined breast surgery with liposuction, tummy tuck or torso lift and possibly a thigh lift. This is not an exhaustive list but a combination of any of these procedures is sometimes performed at the same time as your breast lift surgery.

How is breast lift surgery or mastopexy performed?
A circular incision around the nipple is carried out along with different patterns in order to lift the nipple- areola complex, skin and breast tissue up. The pattern and length of the incisions are varied depending on the type of procedure needed and how much of a breast lift is required. Dr. Koumanis will go over all the options with you during your appointment and consultation.

What are the results like for breast lift surgery?
Most women are very pleased with their breast lift surgery. However, results are never guaranteed. That being said breast lift surgery is a common and frequently performed surgery with true and tried results for the most part. The results usually last for significant period of time but again every case varies depending on age skin quality etc. Dr. Koumanis strives for all his patients to be happy with their results.

What are some of the complications?
As in any procedure complication sometimes occur. It is not common in the surgery. However, infection bleeding, scarring, sensation issues have been known to occur. Dr. Koumanis prides himself on low complication rates and will discuss all of these issues during your consultation.

What are the costs of the surgery?
In our practice breast lift surgery costs approximately $6500- $7500.  If the procedure is combined with a breast augmentation using an implant it can cost between $8200-$10,200.

What is the recovery time?
Most candidates will experience some discomfort for the first few days to about a week.  This is usually tolerable and pain control prescriptions are used to help with postoperative pain.  The pain is not usually significant with this procedure but everyone is different.

Patients are usually okay to begin some activities within 48 hours. Walking, sitting can occur the next morning.  Some light exercise can usually begin at around four weeks and unrestricted activities usually at six weeks. That being said, patients are different and so Dr. Koumanis will discuss each postoperative step in person with you.