Are you unsatisfied with the look and feel of your breasts because they are overly large or sagging? If yes, then breast reduction surgery can be a rewarding procedure to help correct the debilitating and often embarrassing issues associated with large breasts.

Not only does breast reduction surgery decrease the size of the breasts so they are more comfortable but it also helps lift the breasts such as one would find in a mastopexy which is a breast lift procedure. In essence, you are getting a breast reduction and a breast lift in one surgery. Dr.Koumanis specializes in breast surgery and has performed numerous breast reconstructions procedures. Dr. Koumanis at Capital Area Plastic Surgery will help you obtain the desired size and look of your breasts in a comfortable setting. The aim is to lift and reduce the breasts and make them more proportional to one’s body. You will be made to feel safe and comfortable with Dr. Koumanis and his professional team at Capital Area Plastic Surgery.

Who is a candidate for breast reduction surgery?
If one or several of the following signs and symptoms exist you may be a candidate for breast reduction (aka reduction mammoplasty) surgery:

  • Breasts that are very large or disproportionate to one’s body size
  • Disproportionate size between left and right breasts
  • Significantly poor posture due to overly enlarged breasts
  • Heavy breasts that sag or droop
  • Back neck or shoulder pain or discomfort caused by large and heavy weighted breasts
  • Bra strap grooves in the shoulders caused by heavy breasts
  • Heavy large breasts with sagging nipples and areolas (thy may be downward pointing)
  • Feelings of embarrassment or being self-consciousness
  • Rashes or infections found under the fold of the breasts
  • Breast discomfort when walking or lying down
  • Difficulty in athletic or physical exercise due to large breasts

If you’ve experienced one or more of the above conditions or symptoms then breast reduction may provide relief and satisfaction.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?
There are several techniques that Dr. Koumanis uses to perform breast reduction surgery depending on the needs and presentation of the patient. Some of the techniques use a shorter scar reduction which only uses an incision around each nipple and then a vertical incision going down to the breast fold. If there is a lot of excess skin sometimes horizontal incisions along the inframammary breast fold are needed in order to remove excess skin on the horizontal axis. Both of these techniques are true and tried procedures that Dr. Koumanis has used throughout his years of practice. Once the incisions are made the skin and breast flaps are lifted and then a specific pattern is used to reduce the amount of breast tissue for each breast. Sometimes more glandular and breast tissue will be taken from one breast over another for correction of asymmetry and an attempt to correct this mismatch in size between the left and right breasts. The nipple and aereola complex is then lifted into a keyhole pattern at a higher position on both sides. The areola can be reduced during this part of the operation to make it more proportional to the breast mound. During the procedure Dr. Koumanis will then tighten the skin envelope around the nipple and areola of the breast. The procedure is usually performed in an outpatient or ambulatory surgery setting taking anywhere between 2- 4 hours to perform depending on the size of the breasts and the amount needed to be removed. Rarely does the patient have to stay overnight. Dr. Koumanis will then be put on your sterile dressings and gauze. A sterile bra is also fitted to help with comfort and support for the breasts while they are healing. Most of the sutures that are used are dissolvable thereby avoiding the need for stitch removal.

The complications that can arise from the surgery are usually minimal but Dr. Koumanis will discuss these in detail during her consultation.

What is the recovery time for breast rate reduction surgery?
The average recovery time associated with breast reduction surgery is between 7 and 10 days. Postoperative pain is usually minimal and is well controlled with oral pain medications. Patients are able to take a shower normally after 2 days. Most women return to work and go about her daily normal routines in about 10 days to 2 weeks. After 4 weeks they’re usually no restrictions even for heavy exercise and activity.

If you are from the Capital Area District or anywhere in upstate New York or traveling from abroad please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr.Koumanis.